About Us

Why do we do it?


To provide high school students with empowering community service opportunities that fit their interests and desired areas for growth, so they can make a tangible impact in areas they care about in their own communities and beyond.


To redefine how our kids do community service and unlock the potential of the next generation to affect change.

We envision a world in which kids who don't have the right connections, whose parents don't have the time and resources to advocate for them, flourish partaking in empowering volunteer opportunities - so instead of stamping files, students can be equipped with the tools and knowledge to make a difference locally, and, one day, globally.

Meet Our Team

Tazim Merchant

Executive Director
Tazim is a member of the 7 year Honors Program in Medical Education with a Bachelor's in Philosophy from Northwestern. An East Coast gal, she grew up on Long Island, in NY. She enjoys making sweet treats - like crepes ! - and teaching.

Natalia Mañas

Board Director
Natalia studies biomedical engineering at the Technical University of Madrid. She is passionate about language learning and enjoys project management.

Roshan Raju

Board Director
Roshan is a junior at the Questrom School of Business concentrating in finance and strategy. He founded his own education focused NGO in high school.

Chris Gustanto

Web Developer
Chris is a senior studying Computer Science at Northwestern University. He enjoys learning and speaking French, playing the violin, and dancing hip-hop and raas.

Miguel Olmedo

Risk Assessment Officer
Miguel studied Business Administration and continues now to study Law at the University of Murcia (southern Spain). He has studied abroad in Brussels, Montpellier and Tours. Some of his hobbies are music, acting, hiking and photography.

Felicity Yuan

Quality Assurance Lead
Felicity is a rising sophomore, studying Economics and International Studies. Born and raised in China, she enjoys traveling, getting to know different cultures, and playing the piano. She hopes to work for international nonprofit organizations in the future.

Board of Advisors

Andrew Suprenant

Andrew Suprenant (Communications, 2002) is a product manager and agile lead at 18F, the office within the General Services Administration that works with federal partners to deliver efficient, easy-to-use digital services using modern software development practices. He has previously worked with Kartemquin Films, Roger Ebert, and produced the physics documentary The Atom Smashers, which aired on Independent Lens on PBS in 2008.

Bridgette Ferraro

Serves as executive director of Holiday Heroes, a social organization that brings joy and normalcy to hospitalized children. She has previously served in the nonprofit and education sectors as a YMCA Youth and Family Director and Center Director for C2 Education.

Matthew Reis, Ph.D.

Lecturer at Boston University and has taught at the university level for over 12 years. He teaches courses in the areas of Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Change Management, Business Ethics, and Social Psychology to name a few. Prior to teaching, has over 20 years combined experience in business, management and consulting in HR and organization development areas.