For Nonprofits

You want volunteers that are committed, who share your mission and enjoy what they do.
But you can’t concentrate so much time on just one area of your job.

Let us build a relationship together

We match volunteers based on fit and spread the word about your organization - for free.

We find...

Volunteers who care. We bring you volunteers who have indicated they resonate with your mission, and have interests that directly align with your organization’s focus and/or volunteer duties.
Volunteers who are more likely to commit. Our 3-month minimum requirement for volunteers makes it easier for you to plan and manage your recruitment. Students and their parents sign an agreement to ensure they volunteer for that time period. We pre-screen students to make sure they can volunteer when you have volunteering hours, and are willing and able to travel to you - so you can focus directly on onboarding, and getting to know them.

Volunteers who are informed. Our volunteers are informed about you. In our relationship, we can directly provide training / onboarding materials, or paperwork to students before they approach you, and relay specific expectations you have of them.

We also help you...

Get the word out - we market your programs on our site, and social media, and discuss your organization with schools, and other organizations.

Build an internship program. We work with a point person on your organization to build internship trajectories - where volunteers who show continual dedication and commitment can increase their responsibility and level of skill within the organization along a specific area of interest (ex: mechanics, marketing, management, recruitment). We’ll work together so you can build the leaders for tomorrow of your organization.

Ensure quality control. With our own quality control methods, we record student hours for transcripts on your behalf, can detect drops in volunteer engagement and provide you with quantitative and qualitative feedback so you can improve volunteers’ experience.